Beautiful Butterflies

I've been photographing butterflies for a long time and if you look at any of my older collections, I believe their beauty has withstood the test of time. However, I believe as I've gotten older my "artistic eye" has continued to mature, too! My goal now, with any kind of photography, is to capture an "artistic" image. By using a specialized "macro photography" lens I can take an intensely close up image of a subject. By taking a macro photo of a butterfly I am not only able to capture their glorious colors in fine detail, but all of the wonderous parts that make up their bodiies. You can also see their big eyes, long antennae, spikey legs, bulbus bodies, and much, much, more.  Click on the “CLICK HERE” button if you want to see the entire collection.

Although taking macro photos does not necessarily create art. The elements that make my macro photos artistic is by capturing the beaty of the butterfly in all of their gorgeous color, all of the natural details of their bodies, the lush details of their environments, all captured while keeping elements of composition in mind. Lastly, taking those photos through my photography editing workflow to output the most beautiful and timeless images possible. I hope once you see my photos you find them as "artistic" as I do... 

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